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Harmon Expert
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Harmon Expert
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Lift Kits & customization

Shop Truck Lift Kits & Accessories At Harmon Expert Auto

At La Porte’s Harmon Expert Auto Service, we are proud to be a Rough Country dealer. We order directly from Rough Country and provide full estimates, quotes, ordering and installation for all of your lift kits and custom accessory needs. Equip your truck with parts and accessories from Rough Country. Give your tires more clearance for off-road adventures, protect your truck bed from the elements and customize your truck in style.

Rough Country Lift Kits Available At Harmon

Lift kits provide a range of benefits for the truck owner, including

  • Increased clearance 
  • Ability to drive through tougher terrain 
  • Smoother ride
  • Better visibility 
  • Space for bigger tires
  • Towing assistance 
  • Safer everyday driving 
  • Dramatic change/big impression 
  • Customization options!

suspension lift kits

leveling lift kits (our #1 seller!)

Harmon Expert Auto Offers Rough Country Truck Accessories

Bed/Tonneau covers

Protect your truck bed with a variety of cover options. 

  • Roll-up
  • Soft folding
  • Hard folding 
  • Retractable
  • Heavy duty
  • Painted




Steps & Running Boards

Lifted struts 

Come on in and start customizing today!

Let’s start customizing your truck with lift kits and other truck accessories from Rough Country. Give us a call now!