Tire Services

We sell tires to fit any brand, make and model of vehicle. Buy your new tires from Harmon today! 

What We Offer

Harmon Expert Auto offers a variety of new tires for sale. With three reliable vendors, our tire inventory and access is top-notch in La Porte, Indiana. At Harmon, you can trust you’ll find tires for your vehicle’s brand, make, model and size. No matter what type of tire you need — all-season, touring, performance, all-terrain, winter and more — the professionals at Harmon Expert Auto can order them for you. What’s more, we also provide a range of tire services to keep you safely on the road. From balancing and rotating to tire alignment and repairs, the professional technicians at Harmon Expert Auto Service are here to serve the residents of La Porte and the surrounding Northwest Indiana areas. 


We can replace your old worn tires with new rubber to let you grip the road and keep your car riding smooth.


  1. Your tires are bald.
  2. Car is constantly shaking.
  3. Tread has been worn down.
  4. If you have been driving on a spare tire for a while.


Grab a penny and position it so that Lincolns head is facing towards the tire. Insert the penny in between the tread to measure it. If you can see the top of Lincolns head you should purchase tires right away. If the tread covers Lincolns hair and eyes your tires are good to go. If the tread is uneven in different locations this is a sign that you need a tire alignment. 

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Whether you need to buy new tires or are in need of tire alignment, balancing, rotation, or tire repair, bring your vehicle to Harmon Expert Auto for top-notch service.